N.E.R.D (@NERDArmy) – Wonderful Place

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This is such a happy uplifting tune about getting high and enjoying life. I hope this toker tune finds you on a warm sunny day =) The whistling makes this track.

I never understood why there’s an entirely different song at the end of this one but I really just enjoy the first part of the track.

imeem and Vote It Up WordPress Plugin: FAIL

Sorry about the snafus in the last couple days guys.

I was unaware that imeem only lets you play 30 seconds of the song when you embed it. Who in their right mind honestly wants to embed an iTunes preview. I might as well have given you all a big middle finger. Won’t happen again.

Additionally if you hadn’t noticed, I updated the Vote It Up plugin which I have been using as the voting mechanism for the songs. Well apparently the authors didnt take into account that I’d actually want to keep the stats I had acquired over the past few weeks. So after I updated the plugin, something in the code ever so elegantly wiped out my database. Now i’m left with a gaping hole in this site. Sorry again, I’ll be switching to a COMPETENT plugin in the next couple days…

Hope you’re still enjoying the tunes.

@LedZeppelin_ – Going to California

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Great submission. Such a great song for summer time toking. Weed music comes in all shapes and sizes and I can’t possibly keep track of it all. Don’t stop sending us your requests.

DJ Krush – Final Home (Piano Mix)

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Heard this one on Pandora. Great, great track. It’s a little cold for the summer time but it’s fantastic nonetheless. Sorry I had to switch up the embedded player on you guys but Grooveshark didn’t have this track in stock. If anyone has it, PLEASE UPLOAD! word.

Keane (@keaneofficial) – Sunshine

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Here’s the one I was talking about yesterday. Hope you enjoy it, Keane is definitely a classic love for me.

Also, I appreciate all of your requests, they’re starting flood in so I apologize that I’m kind of backed up. I’ll get to them, I promise.

@ThieveryCorp – Dirty Little Secret (f. Sarah McLachlan)

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Thievery Corporation is a recent interest of mine. I started getting very into lounge music once I started frequenting lounges. Thievery actually owns a couple lounges in the DC area: Eighteenth Street Lounge and Local 16 on U st. Great places to check out if you’re ever in the area.

This intro of this song actually reminds me exactly of another great song which I will post tomorrow.

Groove Armada – Inside My Mind (Blue Skies)

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I hope this one goes down as well for you as it does for me. Such a nice bass line and drum riff. A nice long one for your Wednesday listening pleasure. A little too far from last weekend and not nearly close enough to the next one… just melt with this one.