Check out burner radio!

I’ve compiled all of the songs on this site into a playlist so you can have a true burn sesh. Currently there are 150 songs on the list with more to come obviously…

Check it out!

TokerTunes will resume tomorrow morning

I sincerely apologize for the delay, but TokerTunes requires a lot of dedication to run effectively and currently outside factors are efecting that. We will have a new TokerTune for you bright and early tomorrow so that you can set your weekend off right.

The Stoner

There is no Toker Tune today.

We lost a musical great yesterday. If you didn’t get to know the legend, take some time to do so and realize what he did for music. You will be missed MJ, thanks for instilling your phenomenal talent in this world.

imeem and Vote It Up WordPress Plugin: FAIL

Sorry about the snafus in the last couple days guys.

I was unaware that imeem only lets you play 30 seconds of the song when you embed it. Who in their right mind honestly wants to embed an iTunes preview. I might as well have given you all a big middle finger. Won’t happen again.

Additionally if you hadn’t noticed, I updated the Vote It Up plugin which I have been using as the voting mechanism for the songs. Well apparently the authors didnt take into account that I’d actually want to keep the stats I had acquired over the past few weeks. So after I updated the plugin, something in the code ever so elegantly wiped out my database. Now i’m left with a gaping hole in this site. Sorry again, I’ll be switching to a COMPETENT plugin in the next couple days…

Hope you’re still enjoying the tunes.

It’s Official. Welcome to

I like stoner music.  Even though my stoner days are on hiatus, pothead music is all I listen to.  It’s wonderful music that helps to stimulate the senses and is well accompanied by low lights, iTunes visualizer and a packed bowl.  A lot of it has an electro feel and will help to calm you regardless of the mood you’re in.

This type of music will stimulate the release of endorphins or (positive feelings) in your body.  I promise.  I’m always open to submissions so please send them my way any time.