Band of Horses – The Funeral

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This is a good song from a good band but I can’t help but think about that ford commercial that this song was used for. You know the one I’m talking about… the one where the girl who’s clearly stupid and cant stop looking out the moonroof.

Submitted by: tjk
Comments: “Pretty trippy, especially when they go “ooooooooo” in the backround.”

Kings of Convenience – Know How

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This has been one of my favorite bands since college. They have such an organic and folk acoustic sound that just sits so well with me. The singer, Erlend Oye is actually involved in several other projects including having his own solo albums. He is much more electronic but has remixed the Kings of Convenience acoustic sounding albums into a fusion album called Versus. That is an incredible smoking album. I recommend you listen to it if you haven’t.

Ludacris – Growing Pains

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Easily one of my favorite Ludacris tracks as well as one of my favorite summer toker tunes. I’m not positive where the sample is from but it adds such a nice flavor to the song. I’ve heard a similar sound in a Maxwell song but I don’t know who took it from where.

John Legend – Live it up

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This is either a sex song or a stoner song. Works for both. John Legend is sick though, you should get to know him and his work. There will be more where this came from on this site. Do you hear the Kanye influence?

Is this real life?

Here’s your 4:20 fix, right on time. Got a lot of requests for this one for Schwag bag. I think it’s a perfect fit. The best is the long yell it lets out totally randomly…

Zero 7 – Passing By

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This song was absolutely created with stoners in mind. It’s too perfect, too pristine, too entrancing. It encapsulates everything I could want in smoking music and wraps it up and delivers it slowly and purely. This is one of my all-time favorites.

Devotchka – How it Ends

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This song comes from one of my favorite movies: Little Miss Sunshine. This is such a cool song, a little slow and saddening but definitely really chilling with a nice build up. Thanks for the submit!

Submitted by: Thinkdifferently