Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream

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This song, as per usual for humina, is awesome. Very MGMT if you’re into that kinda thing.

5 thoughts on “Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream”

  1. For God sake, can we please stop posting this techno trance BS and actually put something on that people can enjoy listening to with friends even when they aren’t high???? Songs like “Hands of Time” and songs by spoon are great!! and people used to post it, now its just all this MGMT sounding crap which gets old super quick. Time is moving slow enough as it is, can we please stop posting these endless progressive looping songs!!!!!!! How about some 90’s stuff, “Steal my Sunshine” or “How Bizarre” or even some tool, FUCK!! Post something people can bob their head to when they are driving around, not trip out and steer into another car

  2. I’m sorry…? This site is called Toker Tunes. These are tunes for people who toke. This is music to get high to. What’s unclear about that?

  3. stop hatin barry if you dont like it just move along.
    im feelin it although i kind of agree i want some dank shit to chill too and it gets hard to sift through all the stuff i reserve for my acid trips to get to it

  4. a good stoner song has nothing to do with how many times the same beat loops…if its a good enough beat and you’re sufficiently baked, no one actually gives a shit-thats a point. this song is chill and really cool and seems like one of those songs that everyone in the car will dig and not even talk during. barry, step yo game up

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