imeem and Vote It Up WordPress Plugin: FAIL

Sorry about the snafus in the last couple days guys.

I was unaware that imeem only lets you play 30 seconds of the song when you embed it. Who in their right mind honestly wants to embed an iTunes preview. I might as well have given you all a big middle finger. Won’t happen again.

Additionally if you hadn’t noticed, I updated the Vote It Up plugin which I have been using as the voting mechanism for the songs. Well apparently the authors didnt take into account that I’d actually want to keep the stats I had acquired over the past few weeks. So after I updated the plugin, something in the code ever so elegantly wiped out my database. Now i’m left with a gaping hole in this site. Sorry again, I’ll be switching to a COMPETENT plugin in the next couple days…

Hope you’re still enjoying the tunes.

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