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Kings of Convenience – The Weight of my Words (Four Tet Remix)

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Another one of those truly transcendant songs. This whole album from Kings of Convenience is like a stoner’s delight. It’s filled with ambient, airy, smokeworthy tracks. It’s called Versus and its about 8 years old now but it still kicks ass. You’ll see what I mean.

Styrofoam f. Ben Gibbard – Couches in Alleys

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This is like my all time favorite stoner song.  This song came to me in the winter of 2005 I believe and I just fell in love with it because I was listening to a lot of Ben Gibbard, Death Cab and Postal Service.  Sit back, relax, close your eyes and smoke.

It’s Official. Welcome to

I like stoner music.  Even though my stoner days are on hiatus, pothead music is all I listen to.  It’s wonderful music that helps to stimulate the senses and is well accompanied by low lights, iTunes visualizer and a packed bowl.  A lot of it has an electro feel and will help to calm you regardless of the mood you’re in.

This type of music will stimulate the release of endorphins or (positive feelings) in your body.  I promise.  I’m always open to submissions so please send them my way any time.