BoomBox – Stereo

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I dare you to try and not vibe to this beat. BoomBox is a recent favorite of mine. Has anyone seen them live? I’ve just see how awesome it looks on YouTube. This is the first track on their album Visions of Backbeat and I recommend you hear the rest of the album cause the whole thing flows as one long track. Great night time driving music, hence great burn cruise music.

BoomBox – Midnight on the Run

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Easily my favorite song of the moment. BoomBox is a band that I just found out about only a couple weeks ago from my friend who is a music genius. You know those guys that literally know everything there is to know about all the music you’ve never heard before? He’ll have his own blog soon enough. This song album is just amazing. It literally is just one of the coolest things i’ve listened to in a long time. Check em out I’ll post more tracks from them later. No better way to kick off May.